Language Is An Intermediate Process For Communication With Other People

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Language is an intermediate process for communication with other people. Language mainly separate into two types: body language and oral language. People have to spend a long time to learn both types of language. Most people first learn how to speak some language from their parents who probably speak different language from the neighbors. Their kids might be able to speak more than one language in this situation. When their kids grow up, they may have to isolate from their parents because of different reasons. Language can influence people’s lives on each day if there is the separation from the people who speak the same language. Hijuelos’s parents moved from Cuba to live in Greenwich, Connecticut”. They lived in the apartment where many Cubans lived there. Cubans’ apartment was among the non-Latino neighborhood. Therefore, Hijuelos heard Spanish every day when he was a kid. When he went to Cuba with his mother in summer, he got kidney disease, so he had to go back to US for treatment. He stayed in a hospital for a long time that he heard English every day in the hospital. After that, he lost the interest in Spanish language. He felt like he was in a jail in that apartment after coming back from therapy because he did not understand Spanish anymore. He wanted to leave the apartment. One day, he could leave the apartment, and he met many English speakers. He did not accustom to living with English language. When he met a person who spoke Spanish; he felt very warm like he was home. People may forget how to speak some language when they do not use it for many days. Hijuelos states, “It was during that long separation from my family that I became estranged from the Spanish language and, therefore, my roots” (132).... ... middle of paper ... ...em even though I have never known them before. Language probably make people feel warmhearted and missing home when they are far away from homes. Language determines how to spend people’s lives on each day, especially people who speak one language with their parents and speak another language in the community. People might forget language when not using and speaking language for many days. Neighbors around a person are the important factor that one person can speak or forget some language because that person needs to contact with neighbors. Language might cause people to feel like strangers if they are among the people who use different languages. Finally, human beings may miss their homes and feel happy when they hear somebody talking same language even if they live how far away or close to their parents. Language may consist of advantages and disadvantages.
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