Language In Animal Farm

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Language plays a very important role in the pig’s power. Due to the pigs being the smartest, language can be used to keep their power over the other animals. The pigs use their intelligence and language to manipulate the other animals on the farm. They would say “All animals are equal.”(11) but they know that they are superior due to their ability to manipulate the others through language. Squealer for example would use words that many animals would not understand to make the animals think being ruled by the pigs is a good thing. Through language the pigs are able to secure their position as leaders on the farm as well as get the animals working for less. In the beginning of the rebellion, rules were said in Old Major’s speech and were eventually…show more content…
The pigs used it to brainwash. Brainwashing became a useful tool used by the pigs. For example the dogs had puppies and they were taken away and forgotten. Later the puppies became dogs and they had been brainwashed and were now guards for the pigs. The pigs were eventually living in the house. The animals did not understand, but Squealer gave a very compelling speech. Squealer said “the pig’s, who were the brains of the farm, should have a quiet place to work in.”(66). By saying the pigs were the brains of the farm, Squealer was trying to show the animals that without the pigs they would not be so successful. By bringing up the intelligence of the pigs versus the other animals, the animals could not say no or protest because they know they are not as smart as the pigs. This persuasive method was very effective for the pigs to keep their power because they made the animals think that by having them rule, they are free and everything is for their benefit. Language was used to manipulate the animals for a certain end. The pigs in the end became like the people which was what they manipulated the animals for. The pigs completely changed through the book. By the end, everything they did was to fit in with the humans which is why they
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