Language And Communication Essay

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What is language and communication? Language is a structured arrangement of symbol, actions and sounds to talk with others, according to set off established rules for the oral or written or signed forms (in text citation). Communication is a method by which information is transferred and acknowledged, therefore allowing us to interact with others. Language and communication is a fundamental part of a child’s learning and their ability to communicate. According to Chomsky’s theory (1960) human are born with a special biologicals brain mechanism which is named the Language Acquisition Device (LAD). This theory explains that language is something we acquire and that it is innate. That nature is more relevant than nurture and the knowledge we gain using language is essential in order to activate lad. This is evident as children language development is usually the same at same ages, even though children may experience different backgrounds. Children need to be able to verbally express something and know that they have being understood.…show more content…
This is when play is used to support a child in their learning for example language. Many play activities can be used to encourage a child’s language by describing certain things and for the child to gain new vocabulary. (Bach 2013) This approach has many aspects stimulating, unprompted, fun, inherently encouraging, engaging, creative and socially involved, and being able to fail and try again. Moreover a play based approach to learning creates many opportunities for children to develop their communication and language skills as well as acquiring social skills. Dialect play includes kids playing with sounds and words. It incorporates unrehearsed and unconstrained control of these, frequently with musical and dull components. Youngsters like playing with dialect – getting a charge out of examples, sounds and babble words. They likewise love jokes and creative stories (Aistear,
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