Language Analysis: 42-Year-Old Girl

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I completed the language analysis on Peyton, an exceptionally social, intelligent, and energetic, 42-month-old girl. She was cheerful and carefree the day I visited her house, which meant she was especially talkative. Peyton lives with her mother, father, and younger brother Benjamin, who just turned 6 months old. She typically stays at home with her mother during the week, but is enrolled and attends a daycare part time. She also spends a great deal of time with her nannies so that mom can run extra errands when she needs to. Peyton is generally interested in most things typical of a 42-month-old little girl, such as art, music, dolls, etc., but her favorite activity is swimming. She absolutely loves to swim in the pool with her pocket pals.…show more content…
Language form concentrates on the morphology and phonology and the rules based on the language (Kjelgaard, 2014). Morphology refers to the study of how words are formed, and the ways they are related to other words in that same language (Anderson). Phonology is the aspect of language that focuses on the sound systems of the language (Moore, 2002). The content of the language focuses on vocabulary, concepts or word knowledge, while use concerns the social aspects referred to as pragmatics (Kjelgaard,…show more content…
Peyton showed wonderful use of pragmatics in her speech, starting with greeting me when I enter the door each time I come over. She is very responsive and communicates very well. During the language sample Peyton suggested the games that she would like to play, and asked if I would like to play them with her. While we were playing with her Pocket Pals she was pointing to different things on the small playhouse they had, for example she pointed to the water. Later on during our playtime we had switched games and although it’s not in the sample, she had asked me why I was doing something, waited for my response, and then corrected me on what she thought I should have actually been doing. Also during the game I had asked her various questions about the different characters from the movie Frozen, and she would respond all names and then explain what each character did in the movie. The fact that Peyton is in stage 5 of development indicates that he communication is becoming more social and her utterances are more sophisticated (Hulit, Fahey & Howard, 2014). Peyton definitely shows the pragmatic skills of a child in stage 5, staying engaged in conversations very well, with occasional distractions due to

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