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According to the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association, when a person learns how to speak a new language after they have established their first language, it is known as second language acquisition (, 2014). It is easier to learn a second language while an individual is a child. However, once the person is older, learning a new language becomes harder but not impossible. There are various factors that affect a person’s ability to learn a second language. Some of this factors are, age, motivation, and experience. There are various ways to learn a new language. However, in order to efficiently learn a new language a person need to understand the main language and linguistics concepts. A person cannot learn a new language with out understanding how the language works.
Understanding these concepts can help create a relationship between the learner’s first and second language. By using the relationship, the individual can find easy ways to relate to the new language and become more proficient. Therefore, it is important for a second language learner to fully comprehend the main concepts of linguistics such as phonetics, morphology, syntax and semantics.

There have been various studies performed in the world in order to observe the role of linguistic in learning a new language. According to Jing Meng, language and linguistics have a relationship that goes hand-to-hand with one another (Meng, 2009, p. 84). In other words, order for a person to learn a new language, it is necessity to learn the linguistics for the language too. An individual cannot learn a foreign language without knowledge of the main components. The first component, phonology focuses on how speech sounds are created and perceived. The second competen...

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...ago, I learned that I have been pronouncing certain words incorrectly. Because of the language and linguistic class I am currently taking, I am able understand and identify various errors I have been making. On the other hand, if I learned phonetics and phonology when I started learning English, I would have been able to speak English better.

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