Langston Hughes's Poem In 'I Continum To Dream'

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Staying Confident Langston Hughes’s poem, I continue to dream, has a lot of similarities to the song Masterpiece, written by Jessie J. They both contain confidence within each piece and both pieces send the same message to their audience. The common message is to not listen to any of the negative comments and carry on with your own personal growth and goals in life. Even though they are both written in two different time periods, they both carry and show the same vision. I Continue to Dream is about how the writer has built his dream from nothing and continues to strengthen his dream and not caring about anyone’s opinion regarding the matter. Masterpiece is about Jessie J’s life and how she has grown over the years and continues to do so;…show more content…
Young children everywhere have been affected negatively by different forms of bullying. It’s not just the person who is the one getting bullied who is being affected badly it is the bully as well. That is the purpose of why the best way to battle this fight is to continue on pursuing dreams and goals without letting others negativity affect future plans. There have been studies on why people have the urge to hurt others emotional. Also, more than a few articles on bullies are about their mental health and how it plays a major role in it. Even family background could have easily triggered the person to become a bully. As Espelage Dorothy, wrote, “ We also found that students’ perspective-taking was negatively associated with non-physical bully perpetration, while positive attitude towards bullying was positively associated with non-physical bully perpetration. Conclusion: The findings suggest empathy and understanding of how youth see things from others’ point-of-view may be an important factor in bullying” (Dorothy). According to Dorothy, there are studies on viewing major topics from a student’s point of view to understand the issues and learn to fix the problem. The students had empathy for those being bullied. In the study, students understood clearly that bullying is more of a physiological action than physical. There are bullies out there that are having trouble at home and these troubles are what make them angry enough to take it out on their classmates at school. And for this reason other students have empathy for bullies; they know there's a reason to why they have become a bully. Therefore, the best solution as Jessie J had written, “You talk that, Blah blah that la la, that rah rah sh, And I'm so done, I'm so over it” (Jessie J). Jessie J. means that people can say what they want to say she doesn't care anymore and neither should her views. No one can control anyone other than themselves you can only control
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