Langston Hughes and His Poetry

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Throughout African American history different individuals have made a significant impact that would forever change music, art, and literature. In the 1900s Harlem became the governing body for the birth of jazz and blues. This also open doors for a new era called the Harlem Renaissance. During this time a poet name Langston Hughes was introduced. Langston Hughes created poetry that grab the attention of all kinds of people. It had that jazzy vibe mixed with articulate language of choice. He could seize the minds of people with the soulfulness of his writing, and depict the struggles that African Americans were facing at the time. Some individuals see Langston Hughes as the inspired poet of the Harlem Renaissance period. Mr. Hughes used his body of work to compare and contrast things to create the groundwork for the Harlem Renaissance period. His poems established him as a well known poet in Harlem. In two of his poems one titled “Mother to Son” and the other “Harlem” comparison and contrast are evident in both of them. The poem “Mother to Son” is more of a free lyric flowing poem. In this poem Langston Hughes gets the message across in a powerful attack. The poem is narrated from a mother’s viewpoint and the wisdom she gives her son as read in the following lines: Son boy, don’t you turn back Don’t you set down on the steps ’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard Don’t you fall now— For I’se still goin’, honey, I’se still climbin’, And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. [14-20] These lines express the frustrations of a mother who went through a hard time, and is telling her son her story. She is telling her son, “This is the adversity I went t... ... middle of paper ... ...stration, wanting freedom, dreams, and many other things. It also has a more depressed mood. “Blue elements apparent in “Harlem” include the everyday language of common people and repetition” (Phillips). These poems set an image and style of the Harlem Renaissance era. Langston Hughes poems help create a background for other African Americans stories to be told. This era known as the Harlem Renaissance help strengthen the race of black people. Also, jazz and blues spread its wings and filtrated in the black community. “I do not believe that Hughes was ever ashamed of having writing poems” (Rampersad). The Langston Hughes poet style had so much emotion and that blues feeling. His poems and the passion behind them lay the foundation for the era we know as the Harlem Renaissance. Mr. Hughes would be known as the significant individual who would forever change things.

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