Landscape Photography Case Study

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How do you take the perfect landscape photo? The area of creative arts practice that I’m going to investigate is landscape photography and how to take the perfect landscape photo. I chose this specific area to focus on because I have always been interested in nature photography and I’ve always wanted to know how to take a brilliant landscape photo, I love that one photo can bring such amazing stories and emotions. Landscape photography focuses on a section of scenery from the natural world (or sometimes man-made) seen through a single viewpoint. It shows places within the world and makes a connection with the viewer. Different scapes such as cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes of rural areas, roads and gardens all fall into the same category. During this investigation I hope to discover the correct techniques, methods and technologies to use to uncover the secrets of taking the perfect landscape image. I chose two well known practitioners; Paul Arnold and Ansel Adams to help seek information from and to validate that what I’m stating is correct. Centuries ago landscapes were used mainly for a background, filling in blank spaces behind a scene of usually a person…show more content…
Most of the websites are up to date and reliable but I struggled finding information on the Australian artist, Paul Arnold, but fortunately I got just enough to complete this investigation. I have learnt a great deal on the history of landscape photography and how to actually take the perfect landscape photo. I never realised how many different methods and technology there was to help capture the perfect image. I’ve learnt that it takes patience when it comes to landscape photography, before pressing the shutter and capturing the image, it is fundamental to study and watch the land first, studying when the perfect light comes and at what time of
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