Landing the Helicopter of Hovering Moms

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Parents usually have the best intentions – like protecting their children from life's hardships and preparing them for adulthood. However as with many other aspects of parenting, the results do not always match the intentions. Overprotective parents generally want to protect their children from harm, hurt, pain, failure, unhappiness, bad experiences, rejection, and disappointment (Lindsey 1). However, parents must realize that overprotective parenting has certain side effects. Parents believe that they are doing a favor for their children by keeping them safe without realizing that this parenting style can have severe effects on children such as robbing children of the essential life skills that they need in order to have a healthy personality and to face life problems. While some may say hovering over their children day in and day out is the way to go, overprotective parenting is crippling, especially to children later in their teen years. Over protective parents will negatively influence their children’s well-being and character development by promoting dependence, causing rebellion, and leading to bullying.
Promoting dependence will negatively impact a child’s well-being and character development. Furthermore, projecting the fear of letting a child do things on his own is damaging to his mental health. Over-protective parents create continuous situations from which their children struggle to escape, until eventually there is no escape as the fears have become part of the pattern for the child's way of thinking (“Overprotective Parents - Is This Your Parenting Style?” 9). Children of overprotective, rigid parents fail to learn from their mistakes and, therefore, fail to become independent.
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