Landing On The Moon

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Some also believe that the landing of the Moon took public attention off the Vietnam war. Which more than half of the American citizens did no agree with going to Vietnam to fight the communist rebellion. Some find it suspicious that the landing on the moon occurred around the same time that the United States ended its involvement in the war. The government wanted some cheerful news for their people so the landing on the moon would have been perfect. Conspiracist also suggest that the environment was unfitting.It is also suggested that the trip could have not happened because of exposure to radiation from the one of the radiation belts which is known as Van Allen and the galactic ambient radiation. Film in the cameras should have been fogged by this radiation according to conspiracists .The film they used was kept in metal …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the landing of the moon took public attention off the vietnam war, which more than half of american citizens did not agree with going to vietnam to fight the communist rebellion.
  • Explains that the apollo landing was made after the lunar sunrise at the landing site. the film was kept in metal containers that stopped radiation from fogging its emulsion.
  • Explains that the second stage of the launch rocket and the lunar module ascent stage made no visible flame. the fuel and nitrogen tetroxide propellants produced an almost clear exhaust.
  • Explains that nasa issued a fact sheet responding to recent claims that the apollo moon landings had been hoaxed. they refer to the rocks collected on the moon as being more than enough evidence of the program's legitimacy
  • Explains that the united states did land on the moon and that is what occurred and nothing else. the conspiracies make us question if it all actually did occur.

According to conspiracists the camera film should have melted.There is no atmosphere to efficiently bind the lunar surface heat to devices that are not in direct contact with it. The physics of radiative heat transfer are extremely thoroughly understood by scientists and the proper use of passive optical coatings and paints are enough to control the temperature of the film within the cameras of the Lunar Module temperatures. They were also controlled with similar coatings that gave them a gold tint.Also while the Moon's surface does get very hot at noon the Apollo landing was made luckily shortly after the lunar

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