Land Ethic Theory And Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic Theory

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The Land Ethic Theory
Aldo Leopold ‘s land ethic is widely recognized as a theory that promotes the ethics of living things that are not human. As humans, we often forget that we are not the only living things on this early, so the land ethic encourages us to be mindful of our environments. Leopold’s Land Ethic Theory explains that humans must broaden the borders of ethics to include aspects of our environment such as the land, animals, and plants. Aldo Leopold’s theory put emphasis on the fact that human beings are not the only living things that deserve respect in a community, so we must treat the land with respect in order to live in true balance, or symbiosis.
Humans depend on multiple aspects of the environment in order to survive, so it would be logical to care for and respect such a necessary part of human life. However, this is often not the case. Leopold’s Land Ethic Theory addresses this problem by first explaining why the land and our environment deserves to be treated with good ethics. Leopold states that humans view land as property, and that “the land
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Although humans must compete in order to survive, we do not need to destroy everything in our paths in order to reach such success. Humans have destroyed the land, cut down forests, and killed off entire species of animals in order to survive. However, it is not necessary to be so competitive that we cannot coexist with other living things. By being so competitive, we have destroyed the environment that we rely so heavily on to survive. Leopold felt that ethics not only encourage us to respect other members of our community, but also the environment that allows our community to thrive. Therefore, it is necessary that we learn to apply ethics to the environment in order to preserve non-human living things on earth such as plants and