Lance Armstrong Biography

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Lance Armstrong was born September 18th 1971 in Plano, Texas as a kid lance was a very talented athlete. Armstrong became involved and participating in sports when he was ten years old. Armstrong did a lot of practicing and took up competitive cycling at the age thirteen. Lance also started competing in triathlons when he was thirteen years old. Armstrong was very good at triathlons and became a professional triathlete when he was sixteen years old. Also Armstrong became a champion of the national sprint course triathlon in 1989 and also 1990. Completing these goals were a major step in Armstrong’s life because it showed people that he could compete at a young age. Armstrong First started focusing on on cycling during his junior year of high school. He chose cycling because it was his most favorite sport. Lance Armstrong got his high school diploma in 1989.

Armstrong became a professional cyclist in 1992 after the Olympics. He joined the Motorola team for a decent yearly salary. Lance had a bad start as a profession but he made a change and started doing a lot better.
Lance Armstrong began winning races and some of several stages of the Tour De France, and many more. At age 25, Armstrong looked like one of thebest professional cyclist in world, but in 1996 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. While undergoing his treatment, Armstrong had to go through two surgeries. One was to remove the cancerous testicle, and the other was to take out the two cancerous lesions from his brain. During his treatment, Armstrong created the Lance Armstrong Foundation which helps people with their struggle to beat cancer and to find a cure. Lance Armstrong would continue to race after his cancer, and only 3 years later he won the Tour De Fran...

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... want and to not let anything stand in their way. Through Lance Armstrong’s corer his most valuable moments is winning the tour de France more than one time. Every obstacle that he has faced, he has not only survived but has also used to improve his personal life. In the Tour de France Lance proved himself to be the best cyclist in the world. Armstrong has proven these seven consecutive times. Lance Armstrong winning these things raised some questions about him cheating in the sport. Lance Armstrong always denied the fact that he cheated for those titles but it took a while for him to actually come out and confess to himself cheating. A lifetime ban from the sport was one of armstrongs penaltys for cheating in the events and that is one major reason why Armstrong did not confess at first. Lance was also accused of using performance drugs long before he confessed.
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