Lana's Power Struggle

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Perdido Beach was a completely normal Californian town until the cloudy dome appeared and all of the residents over the age of fourteen disappeared. Lana's life went to hell the moment her grandfather disappeared from his pickup truck. They'd been heading home when out of nowhere, he vanished. There one minute, and then suddenly... Gone. She tried to control the truck, but despite her efforts, it drove off the road and down the hills. After what felt like forever, the truck came to a halt. Bruised, battered, and bloody, Lana clawed her way out of the vehicle. She'd broken multiple bones and was unable to defend herself. That's when the mountain lion decided it was best to attack. Lying helplessly on the ground, Lana was a sure goner. That is until her dog Patrick stepped in and protected her from the lion. That confrontation left the dog mortally wounded. He crawled back to her, slowly dying. Lana's heart broke for Patrick, and to comfort him, she fell asleep with her hand on him. When she woke the next morning, he wasn't dead. In fact, it was as if he'd never been attacked. That was when Lana realized she had an extraordinary gift. She had healed him with her bare hands. She began healing herself, and after a long process, she was as good as new. Alone and without shelter, Lana and Patrick began looking for a place to hole up in for safety. This was when they stumbled upon an abandoned shack. They also met up with a boy named Sam and his friends Astrid and Quinn. After a very brief introduction, they were attacked by a pack of coyotes that had developed a very rough ability to talk, and when one went for Sam's neck, Lana killed it and healed Sam. The group took Lana into town for protection and so that she could help heal the ki... ... middle of paper ... ...y was back to normal. Well, almost normal. As Gaia's horrific attacks continued, Caine knew that he'd have to bring out the big guns in order to stop them. He brought out the large missiles they'd been saving for an occasion just like this, and launched them at Gaia. Instead of killing her, the missiles only destroyed Orc, who had been fighting her. Caine knew that there was no possible way for them to simply fight her, so he made the ultimate sacrifice. He invited the spirit of Little Pete to use his body as a vessel. Pete was the only one who's power matched Gaia, and it was their last hope. Pete and Gaia squared off and in an explosion of lights, fought to the death. The rest of the town watched in awe as they battled, and just before Pete won and freed the town of Perdido Beach from the Gaiaphage's clutches, Lana felt the tingling buzz of the Tesseract up above.

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