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“The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed; the thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, whose charms were broken if revealed.” Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous Victorian women writers. She experimented with the poetic forms that became the characteristic modes of the Victorian period. Charlotte Bronte was the most dominant and ambitious of her siblings. Her novels, until this day, are still English literature standards. Through out her life, Charlotte Bronte stayed energetic during her early life, her many careers, and finally her memorable publications. In 1816, Charlotte Bronte was born. She was born one year after her sister Elizabeth and years after Maria. She was the third child of six born to Rev. Patrick Bronte and his wife Maria. In 1817 her brother Branwell was born. Her sisters Emily and Anne were born in 1818 and 1820. In 1821, her mother died of cancer. Thereafter, it was her sister’s job to take care of them. In 1824 Charlotte and three of her sisters enrolled at the Clergy Daughters School. One year later, her sisters Maria and Elizabeth died of tuberculosis. She was then raised by her father and religious aunt. After their deaths Emily and Charlotte were removed from school. Charlotte became very close to her other siblings after the tragedies and they spent most of their childhood writing poems about their make believe land. They channeled their struggles into those of their fictional characters. Between 1831 and 1832 Charlotte continued her education at Roe Head School. In 1835, she returned as a governess at Roe Head School while Emily was a pupil. She left in 1838 to pursue other jobs. In 1... ... middle of paper ... ...ope was unconquerable Still flying high Still strong and supportive Fearlessly Hard times will come Victory and glory Courage will end your despair(Lines 17-24). Work Cited Alexander, Christine (March 1993). “‘That Kingdom of Gloo’: Charlotte Bronte, the Annuals and the Gothic”. Nineteenth-Century Literature 47 (4): 409-436 Charlotte Brontë." 2014. The website. May 02 2014ë-11919959. Cody, David. “Charlotte Bronte: A Brief Biography,” 1987 Lane, Margaret (1953). The Bronte Story: a reconsideration of Mrs. Gaskell’s Life of Charlotte Bronte. Miller, Lucasta (2002). The Bronte Myth. London: Vintage. ISBN 0-09-928714-5. The Poetry Foundation“Charlotte Bronte” .