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Lake Braddock Secondary School is like a big, beautiful tree. Our incredible building is the stable trunk. The students and faculty are the thousands of strong branches, and when we graduate, and become alumni, we will be one of thousands of leaves. A leaf falls off of a tree, but is still a part of the tree, because it always comes back! I came to Lake Braddock when I was in eighth grade. I was absolutely terrified to be coming to a school with over four thousand students! Having come from a school of five hundred students in the small town of Lawrence, Kansas, I was overwhelmed. I was convinced that everyone already had their own social groups and cliques and would never accept “the new kid”. But I was wrong! While I never made any lifelong friendship at Lake Braddock, mostly because I didn’t really want to, I certainly met some great students who made me feel comfortable very quickly at Lake Braddock and I can honestly say that Lake Braddock is a place of inclusion, where nobody is left out or ignored, no matter how different they may be! I think that I fit in well at Lake Braddock because I am a big thinker and I am always looking for what can be improved, and that is what Lake Braddock is all about. Our teachers and administrators always want to hear what they can do better and not only make us have more fun at school, but learn better. Lake Braddock has the most exemplary staff that I have ever seen. One teacher that very few know about is Mr. Griel. He came out of retirement because he loved teaching history so much. As a part time teacher only teaching two class periods, Mr. Griel had no obligation to be at school for Bruin Block on his days off, but he made the hour drive from his house every time we had Bruin Block on h... ... middle of paper ... ... Parent-Teacher-Student-Association, having your voice heard by our parents, teachers, and administrators, or helping to create the new bell schedule, which gave us all more freedom during Bruin Block, everything I did at Lake Braddock I have done so it can be an even better place to learn and call home. I’m not going to lie, the road ahead isn’t going to be easy. Whether you go into the workforce, college, the military, or somewhere else, we are going to have to work hard. Donald Trump said, “I like thinking big. If you 're going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big”. I know if nothing else, Lake Braddock taught us that whatever we do, we have to do more than the bare minimum and think big! Thinking big will get us far in life! So, as we all leave Lake Braddock and as leaves, we fly away, wherever we are, we’ll all still be part of the BRUIN NATION!

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