Lady Macbeth Masculinity Is Power Essay

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Micah Buller Mr. Robjent English12 – Period 4 13 January 2014 Masculinity is Power In the Elizabethan Period masculinity equal power. During this time period women were uneducated, there were required to act passively and never state their opinions. The women in the play challenge their gender expectations and act as cruel as the men. Men in Macbeth engage in direct violence, while the women use manipulation as their form of violence. This can almost be more malicious than direct violence. The idea of cruelty is shown through masculinity, which the women try to obtain. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, gender affects the character’s motives. Lady Macbeth has a different idea of how women should act. During the beginning of the play she receives a letter stating how Macbeth has received the advancement to Thane of Cawdor and also how his meeting with the three witches and them saying he will be the future king. Immediately, Lady Macbeth starts to question if Macbeth has what it takes to be the king. This is already disobeying the social standards of women. Most women would not have doubted ...

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