Lady Macbeth Analysis

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Shakespeare has many points in his plays. Sometimes, the women has more control over the guy just like in Macbeth. Lady Macbeth has all the control in the beginning of the play. Persistently, she loses her control leading to her demise, making Macbeth think he is great than what he actually is. From full control to no control at all has its setbacks and causes many demises. Macbeth is a play about the effects of power had and lost.
“Power is having control over the things that others want and need and over what they fear” (Robertson). Lady Macbeth had the power over Macbeth in the beginning of the play. Lady Macbeth's power lead her to plan the death of King Duncan and cover up for Macbeth during his weak times. Lady Macbeth also began losing power when she saw her father laying down on the bed when she was looking down on Duncan and losing her demise throughout the play because of Macbeth's power increase towards the end of the play.
Lady Macbeth is a protagonist spouse who is the controlling factor throughout the beginning of the play. She is a dominating, authoritative women who loses control over her husband as he gains his independence which causes her own weakness and eventually leads to her demise. She reaches the peak of control which leads to her demise. Throughout the play, there are things that cause her to lose her mind, like the random out bursts of his conscience trying to come clean when he has no power in what he is doing to get to where he was prophesied to be.
Lady Macbeth arises in the beginning of the story becoming powerful causing her to become corrupt by the power. She did love Macbeth as much as he loved her but she was more in love with the thought of him being at the top and not thinking of all the conse...

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...ansing products after committing some immoral act may be the mind’s way of attempting to cleanse the body of sin or guilt (Stuttaford). Of course the significance of this episode is that it completes Lady Macbeth’s descent into insanity, and eliminates any chance that she may return, as her guilt and mental stress are far too great.
Lady Macbeth has complete control of Macbeth but then loses control of him which causes her to have a drastic downfall and makes her take her life. All this evidence leads to how a person can not have so much control over another cause it will take its turn for the worse or for the better. The future holds that someone can not have all the power in the relationship but some of it. The next logical step it to equally distribute the power within the two people in the relationship. Macbeth is a play about the effects of power had and lost.
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