Lady Gaga�s Music : The History Of Lady Gaga's Music

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Lady Gaga’s latest album titled, “Joanne” has been the turning point in Gaga’s career. Typically, when you think of Lady Gaga you think of meat dresses, massive heels, and outstandingly complex performances on and off of the stage. Given that her previous album, “Artpop”, is filled with creative ideals, wild costumes, and vulgar lyrics. This left many of her fans a bit confused as to what the, “Joanne” album is all about and why it is so relaxed compared to her previous creations. Gaga’s latest album is a tribute album to her laid Aunt Joanne. The death of her Aunt was a sudden tragedy at twelve years of age when she passed from Lupus. Although, many people don’t realize it, her Aunt Joanne’s legacy has had a strong impact on her entire career. For example, Gaga introduced one of Joanne’s poems in the booklet of the album, “The Fame” (Redfearn, Oct. 16, 2017). Joannes death influenced not only Gaga’s music, but also, her professional motivation throughout her career. Joanne’s influence on Gaga’s album has run deeply throughout each and every song. Her reasoning for this album is, in her words, “this album finished Joannes business.” (Redrearn, Oct. 16, 2017). The influence of her laid Aunt caused a change of pace for Gaga and her career. Even though the touring and massive fan base remains the same, the music style has dramatically calmed down. Due to this change of pace, it allowed Gaga to hone in on her deepest emotions; Joannes deeper emotions. Therefore, creating meaningful music that is not as focused on a social statement, but more of a personal insight. For example, her album before, “Joanne” Gaga released her album, “Art Pop”. This album was described to be a,”a reconciliation of high and mass culture.”(Sakamoto, Oct. 16,... ... middle of paper ... ... dresses and exchanging her old self by undertaking her inner Joanne. “Joanne” the album has an array of styles with meaning and is also able to transcend her creativity at a raw and personal level. Therefore, this album's success is not owned by Gaga but is simply a gift from Gaga to Joanne. The influence of Joannes death has left an impact on Gaga personally, professionally, and musically. Her new vicarious life is one of honesty and pureness which is expressed throughout her album. One of the lyrics in her song,”Joanne” states, “ I’ll still love you even if I can’t, see you anymore, can’t wait to see you soar.” (Gaga, 2016). This expresses that Gaga is living both of her own and her laid Aunt Joannes dreams as well. this album is a direct expression of motivation, artistry and personal growth which therefore, transcended into a successful and genius album.

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