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930 words

The Selection Poem There’s only one chance So don’t blow it Only one will win Thirty-five girls will enter A competition - It’s the competition of a lifetime There’s one fair lady selected: Lady America - She’s a five, the last one She and the Prince made a promise One that can never be broken They have a connection - One that doesn’t quite click, But it’s there There’s only one chance So don’t blow it Only one will win Kiera Cass Kiera Cass is a #1 NY Times author as well as a mother and wife. She has two children – one daughter and one son. She was raised in South Carolina, but she is currently living in Virginia. Kiera Cass has a B.S. in History. She hates whenever people turn without signaling, flying, and salads. Mrs. Cass loves office supplies, boy bands, and desserts. Kiera Cass has written many …show more content…

She's caring and kind because she tries to do things for herself so that way her maids do not have to do much and she's always grateful whenever she sees the dresses they made for her. Lady America is a good listener and this is evident whenever she talks to others. America Singer always willing to help even when it can seriously affect her. She's is bold and firm because she is certain when she speaks. Miss America is demanding, determined, and persistent because she knows what she wants well, but she doesn't abuse that power. She's loyal and honest because she sticks to her word. She's devoted to staying in the palace to help her family and being Prince Maxon's friend. Ms. Lady America is considerate of others and she shows this whenever she listened to her maids’ story and she took that into consideration later on. Lastly, Lady America is honorable for keeping her word to herself and with others. Lady America has many traits and these are only a

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that kiera cass is a #1 ny times author and mother-of-two. she has two children — one daughter and one son.
  • Narrates how the guard in the front said to think of ourselves as extensions of the royal family.
  • Explains that miss america is caring, according to prince maxon and her three maids, and she is always willing to help others, even when it can affect her.
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