Lacrosse Vs. Lacrosse

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Fans screams fill stadiums, thundering hits, thousands of tickets sold, players laced with fancy gear, competition creating high tensions, an average professional American football game. One of the most expensive sports in the world created and ran by the sole superpower the United States. In a parallel world, an extremely relative sport is played, Lacrosse. In Canada, lacrosse games reach the competitiveness of a football game. Many people fail to understand that lacrosse can be a more exciting sport. Although the two are both physically demanding professional sports, the playstyle, revenue earned, and injury rate earned demonstrate that lacrosse opposed to football is overrated.
The mechanics of lacrosse differ greatly from those of football, in the aspect of mastering certain skills. Lacrosse is played with a crosse, the stick the game is revolved around. The crosse is used for picking up the ball, passing, shooting and checking in this fast paced game. Accurate
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A band of cooperation must be present as offensive, defensive, and special team plays are ran throughout the game. The goal, to get the football into the back of the opposing team’s end zone, can be an extreme struggle. Plays fluctuate from 5-10 seconds at full speed until a whistle must be blown. Usually, there can be anywhere from 4-8 refs at a game as each individual position must be observed over and there are many in depth rules. Teams can have unique positions depending on the coaches playstyle. Individual roles include catching, blocking, tackling, reading a play, and filling your responsibility. Players have to be exceptionally strong and prepared to go head to head with someone. The offensive side ran by one main player, the quarterback, who controls the entire outcome of the play. To play this game you have to be tough and ready to hit because tackling is one of the most important
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