Lack of Political Goodwill in Dealing with Global Warming

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Global warming is a topic that has continued to elicit mixed reactions from various fronts. Some academicians are prominent in proving how global warming impacts on natural weather events leading to changes in seasons (Henning 223). The acceptability of rapidly changing global climate is clear, although the level of acceptability varies from region to another and from one individual to the next. Not everyone understands the effects of global warming although they experience these changing in various capacities. Erudite authors have formulated a myriad of models and projections on the impact of rising with some alarmingly terming the trend as leading to life extinction within the next century (Moni 9; Van der Pijl 14; Henning 223). Nevertheless, the greatest hindrance to managing global warming effectively is lack of political goodwill.
Global Warming
The impact and effects of global warming are far reaching. Different regions experience different impacts due to global warming. Burkle captures the concept of global warming in light of globalization (242). Globalization has elevated the demand of different commodities especially wood-related products. This has resulted in massive deforestation and thus exacerbation of the global climate. Increased utilization of inefficient air travel has generated huge volumes of greenhouse gases and thus exacerbating the situation further.
Global warming is adversely affecting community health (Burkle 244). Rapidly changing climatic conditions and weather patterns has affected traditional farming system leading to rapid desertification in regions that were initially viable for plant covers. Confirmatory information from James, Washington, and Rowell indicate changes in ionosphere co...

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