Lack Of Poverty In Africa

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The poverty in Africa is ranked as the second highest in the world. The United Nations website on statistics shows that 75% of the world’s poorest countries are found in Africa, o example, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Ethiopia. According to a report by the United Nations, Africa has an estimated population of 900 million people. The countries in Africa share many features like reliance on agriculture, experience of European colonialism, high rural population and poverty. Despite Africa having the richest natural resources on the planet and yet it is poor and stagnant in development. The poverty of Africa was not created in a day; it took many years in the making. Seriously speaking, the media outlets, like CNN and BBC depicts the pain…show more content…
Lack of infrastructures is referring to buildings, roads, railways, etc. One can see similar government failures in health care, water supply, sanitation, electricity, transport, labor markets and trade policy. In spite of Africa being a continent that has a lot of rivers and some contains fresh water lake in the world, but yet one cannot find good drinking water in Africa. Many Africa countries do not have adequate sewage system, which eventually ends up in our drinkable water. According to Jacqueline Novogratz, the author of The Blue Sweater stated that when she visited Kenya, she noticed that the people over there could not afford good drinking water in their community (Novogratz).The problem is the worst in Africa’s rapidly growing cities, such as Cario, Lagos and Kinshasa. In many situations most Africans gets water- borne diseases, such as, cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever. In addition, some parts of African countries do not have access to electricity. In sub-Saharan Africa, there are half of the populations who are living without electricity. According to the a report made by Lazarus Sauti , a journalist of The Southern Times, said that “As a result, a staggering 80 % of the population relies on biomass products such as wood, charcoal and dung in order to cook their meals. These products are also hazardous to the well-being of Africa and her citizens” (Sauti). These show how much the poverty situations in Africa are very appalling. Next, Africa’s has issues with their sanitation systems for many years. The outcomes of poor sanitation in facilities, brings about the transmission of poop-oral disease at its most important source by preventing human poop contamination of water and soil. Poor waste disposal practices are responsible for a significant proportion of the world 's infectious disease burden. According to the U.N., for every dollar invested in sanitation, $8 are

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