Lack Of A Long Term, Multi Dimensional And Pan Canadian

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Current policies The current issue of inadequacy of social inclusion of recent elderly immigrants in Canadian is directly related to the lack of a long-term, multi-dimensional and pan-Canadian vision of the settlement process. The settlement journey for immigrants is one that lasts a lifetime and extends into the second generation, and our public policy response must accept this fundamental reality. The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration has put in place some services for the newcomers to Canada like Newcomer Children and Youth in the Schools. An example of the immediate relevance and practical applicability of the notion of social inclusion is the issue of Access to Trades and Professions (ATP). This has been found to be limiting step for the younger and skilled immigrants. One very contemporary and controversial policy debate in Canada involves the proposals by Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to regulate the dispersion of a portion of Canada’s newcomers to our smaller cities, ‘The Immigrant Dispersion Policy.’ The contradictions between Canada’s official policies and the reality of social exclusion for Canada’s immigrants are well-documented. A. Richmond (1994, 2000) has dwelled on the system of “global apartheid” in which controls on the international migration increase for the most vulnerable while becoming more flexible for the international business elite. Galabuzi (2001) speaks of a looming crisis of social instability and political legitimacy for a Canadian society based on the growing trends towards the ‘democratic racism,’ racialization of poverty for visible minorities and recent immigrants. Alternative ideologies In recent years, one of the most defining elements of the Canadian identity has been ... ... middle of paper ... ...e while living at home and develop a social acceptance. It is also important to keep in mind that integration is a function of the characteristics of both elderly immigrants and their communities. We would strive for legislative and policy tools on national political and community level, long-term social and economic commitment to the assimilation of the elderly immigrants. Implementation should be fair and respectful of human rights, through public and stakeholder engagement, meaningful federal-provincial-territorial consultation. It may contribute to integration, and helping elderly immigrants to have a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The availability of quality housing in ethnically mixed neighborhoods is deemed to be central to social integration. Integration into the labor market is a crucial element of the overall process of inclusion.

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