Labor Unions

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Historically, Americans have undergone struggle and innovation to get to the place where it finds itself today. America has face many issues ranging from: slavery, Tuskegee study, and the industrial era to the beginning of unions. However, individualistically Americans have not always been entitled to equal rights. Such equal rights should be enabled to every individual living in America. Fortunately, as time progresses, movements have emerged and succeeded in granting individuals their civilian rights. Such movements include: Labor, Civil Rights and Human Rights movement.
Civil rights were not always given to every person living in America. Before the civil war, African Americans were brought from Africa to America and sold as property. The African Americans were then enslaved by their owners. Making them work numerous hours of the day with no pay and poor quality of food. Those who didn’t obey their owners were then beaten and mistreated. Often times, slaves would run away, then the owners would put signs and rewards for the return of their slave’s. Indecencies towards slaves lead Americans into seeking civil rights for African Americans. However, it wasn’t until the end of the Civil War that the 14th amendment was established, abolishing slavery, and with this African Americans obtained some rights. The 14th amendment states that all born or naturalized individuals in the USA shall not by deprive from life, liberty or property, nor deny equal protection of the laws (14th amendment n.d.).
When the industrial era started booming in the USA people were migrating from other countries in the pursuit of a better life. Therefore, eager immigrants were willing to work at a low wage. Some ended up working in slaughterhouses or mil...

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... were also placed to defend individuals from distress/harm. All three movements’ seek equality and safety for all individuals, no matter who they are. Although it has taken century after century to get civil, human and labor rights to fulfill a person’s needs, America still has a long way to go.

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