Labor Union Case Study

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2. The generic term labor union is a group of workers who seek to improve the economic and social well-being of it’s members through group action. Their activity revolves on negotiation over wages, benefits, and working conditions for their membership, and representing disputes over violations of contracts. A labor union usually negotiates on behalf to the members in a process known as collective bargaining. Labor unions are usually active in the political profess and in lobbying about issues about the importance of their members These unions started to form in the mid 19th century, due to the social and economic impact of the industrial reovlution. Most of these unions, are aligned with two larger organizations, known as the American Federation…show more content…
In the past a majority of workers were part of unions. Unions had many past successes like boosting wages and benefits and improving the work enenviorment. But, as time moved on people seemed to be more against it for a variety different factory. A majority of people are still for unions while others are not. How I account for any changes in the status of the unions is that they are not as powerful anymore, due to fact that there are not as many blue color jobs, as those jobs are mostly outsourced. Since, there is outsourtion of these blue collared jobs, they are less workers to represent, and since there are less workers to represent the union will not have as much power in negotiations regarding collective bargaining. If it is a union free America, Americans will lose the right to bargain collectively for their pay and benefitis, and Amercians will be in the same posititon as they were in the 19th century. Workers will not get the representation they…show more content…
Labor unions are important because we to insure employees due not mistreat emplyeers. Everyone must get wages and benefits they deserve. For instance, the union which represents the 25,000 professor, lecturuers, and colusnslers have been neogitatiing since may for a pay raise in the CSU sustem. For years, the faculty have been angry, and the message needs to get out. This is what the California Faculty Assosiciaion is there for. It is there for the represent the beloved employeess at the university level/ It is their to help to collecte bargain for the employees. so they get what they deservr. If labor unions vanish, America will be othing. Americans will lose the right to negotiate benefitis, wages, and etc from their employees. They will not get what they deserve. A repeat of the past is not

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