Labelling All Genetically Modified Food

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The Whole Foods Market, America’s first grocery chain, which specializes in organic foods has taken a decision to start labeling all Genetically Modified (GM) foods that are sold in its stores. According to the Whole Foods market, the new labelling requirements will be in place in the next five years and the move is attributed to the growing consumer demand for labelling the products sold in stores. According to experts, this move could radically alter the food industry and many food industries have shown willingness to consider labelling the genetically modified foods sold by them. Based on the analysis of the merits and liabilities of Whole Food’s actions and the effects of the actions on the company, market industries, and consumers, it is advised that Super Fresh Grocery Corporation should also take the initiative of labelling all genetically modified foods. Although Super Fresh Grocery Corporation will have to make additional investments to label the GM foods, but labelling would allow the company to increase the sales of its products and gain popularity among the consumers who are proponents of labelling. The Whole Foods Market has seen a 15 percent increase in sales of products that they have labeled and has seen growing consumer demand to label the foods sold in its stores. This has had impact on the food industries. Food industries have started thinking about the consumer demands and focusing on the response of labeled product. Companies are showing growing willingness to consider labelling. “Some 20 major food companies, as well as Wal-Mart, met recently in Washington to discuss genetically modified labelling.” Industries are predicting revenue growth after labeling the products and “the food industry has always support... ... middle of paper ... consider labeling and by joining hands with many other food industries on promoting GM food labeling Super Fresh Grocery Corporation will be able to gain more popularity among consumers. The company will also be acting on its ethical responsibility towards its customers who have a right to know the ingredients in the food they eat. As seen in the case of Whole Foods market, the company also has better chances of growth in revenue through increased sales of labeled products. Super Fresh Grocery Corporation may have to face some challenges by labeling its GM products and accommodate to the increased food prices and face opposition from organizations like Grocery Manufacturers Association. But the benefits of investing in labeling initiative will definitely outweigh the challenges in long run and allow the company to have a better standing within the food industry.

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