Labeling Theory And Social Control Theory

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Social Control Theory The social control theory is used as an explanation for how an individual’s behavior conforms to, that which is generally expected within society. The purpose of this theory is people’s relationships, commitments, values, norms, and beliefs can and will encourage them to not break the law. With the social control theory, there is the underlying view of human nature that includes but is not limited to free will, which then gives offenders the right to choose between right and wrong and puts responsibility of their actions in their hands. When people commit crimes they more than likely share a value of belief that tells them they are doing something that is not acceptable to the general public. Leading us to the point that the social control theory focuses on how the absences of close relationships with conventional others can free individuals from social constraints, thus enabling them to engage in delinquency (Kempf-Leonard, 2012). Labeling Theory The labeling theory is based off of the view that people will become criminals when labeled as such and when they accept that label as their personal identity. The labeling theory can be used to explain why a particular behavior is considered to be negatively deviant to some people, groups, and…show more content…
I believe that the labeling theory is the better then the social control theory about explain the various types of crimes that people commit, by the following examples. “The labeling theory has become part of many criminological theory of sanctions that includes deterrence theory’s focus on the crime reduction possibilities of sanctions, procedural justice theory’s focus on the importance of the manner in which sanctions are imposed, and defiance/reintegrated theory’s emphasis on individual differences in the social bond and persons’ emotional reaction to that label (Paternoster, R,
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