Lab Report Most Effective Type of Drill

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Lab Report Most Effective Type of Drill

Research Report

Introduction- The aim of this report is to present research and findings as to which type of drill is most suitable to our application. We are screwing screws through the wall of a letterbox. The three types of drills we are investigating are, DC or cordless, AC main power and Pneumatic (air).


Operation of AC drills- Drills with cords use, AC ( alternating current ) power which is the 240 volt supply you would get from an outlet. The most common way of generating this electricity is, the burning of a fuel ( usually coal ) to heat a body of water which turns to steam. This steam works to compress a piston inside a cylinder which has attached a crank. This crank turns as the piston moves back and forth. As the crank turns, it is attached to an turbine, magnets and other influencing forces help to create n electrical field which is then sent in very high voltages, down power lines. When the main lines get to outside the destination, 100 000 volts is tamed down to 240 volts with the help of a transistor.

AC Motors-

Cost- Ac drills’ prices can vary according to quality, you could pay as little as $30

For one but if your after quality, you might be up for as much as $300.

Safety- these can be quite dangerous as the cord may fray and electrocute the user. You might accidentally drill through the cord. And it can’t get wet. Voltage overload in electrical storms.

Maintenance- General maintenance on chuck and motor but always maintain cord.

Maneuverability-movement is limited by the length of the cord

Speed/Torque control- Variable speed control available on most new Ac drills.

Summary- Good for use where high power is required for long periods of time. Movement lets it down, as well as limited weather use. Safety is also a concerning issue. These have more available features such a hammering ability.


DC power generation- through a battery, recharged by AC power and a transistor which converts outlet, 240v AC electricity into a 6,9,12,14 volt battery form.

DC motors-

Cost-As with AC, prices vary incredibly, from, $30 up to $400 for the latest in technology. Again, the difference in price reflects quality.

Safety-Very safe, handy man drill as you can use it in the rain with no hassle. Also, there are no worries with cords.

Maintenance-General maintenance required

Maneuverability- excellent movement available, take anywhere.
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