Laan Hotel Case Study

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1 profile of hotel service In the first I’ll refer about hotel in Laos, hotel service the concept that intends to provide the service and meet the customer daily, customer satisfaction is comfortable and hotel also provide in support of customer core product. Hotel typically doesn’t charge for customer service. Customer service may occur on site as when the retail employee helps a customer find desire item of customer need or answers the question. Or it can occur over the phone or via the Internet.
Many hotels they have operate their customer service with call center, often staff around the clock or security. Quality customer service is essential to building customer service relationship like hotel. And it’s should be not, however be confused with the services provided for sale by the hotel. 2 Service expectations Laos Hotel services also
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In particularly, if three or four night up for customer must booked online before come to the hotel, and what the traveller promise like agent tour to be two-star or three-star hotel that the price not expensive. However, in Laos hotel didn’t meet the expectation of two-star or three-star hotel. Instead, the hotel had the room for maximum of two people or 3 people include children slanting floor and therefor bed. In addition, every day maid-service consists of simply emptying the trash can be in the room and leaving the door to another room unlatched. No sheet provide or no cleaning provide of any kind was finished in the room. That was clear about the level of service is not match with expectation, even the seasons Asian traveller the country like china were not surprised when the hotel told them of the hotel service experience to be extremely unusual for two or three star of hotel in the big, slow life city like Laos. They are expectation of service are quit differ from the

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