La Cocina Ramona

narrative Essay
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221 words

In the city of Havana in Cuba back in 1989, was a little spot restaurant called La Cocina Ramona. A young girl named Selena Rivera had been working there as a dishwasher for about a year now. She started at age 13 working in the kitchen and busing tables. At the same time, she would look and watch the cooks work. She could remember when she was 10 after coming home from martial arts training, her mother would teach her and her sisters the art of cooking. Sylvia Fierro, the chef, needed help with getting ingredients prepped. “This is the list of what I need,” She said, holding the paper up in the air. Without waiting for an answer, Selena snatches the list from Sylvia's hand “I’ll do it” she says, and started going to work chopping lettuce,

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how selena rivera started working at la cocina ramona as a dishwasher when she was 10 and her mother taught her the art of cooking. she was promoted to assistant cook and the restaurant had its first 18-year-old cook.
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