La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats

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“La Belle Dame Sans Merci” literally means “The beautiful lady without mercy”, written by John Keats. It is part of John Keats Romanic poetry. The poem is about a knight, described by an unknown person, who is “alone and palely loitering”. Later on in the poem, the knight starts telling his own story about a lady he met and his dream of Princes, Warriors and Kings who remembered the beautiful lady.
The poem has 12 stanzas with 4 lines each. The start is about the anonymous who talks about the knight. The unknown person describes the knight as “pale”. There is a lily on the knight which symbolizes death in the western culture. The rose in the ballad symbolizes beauty. It can be inferred that the knight is dead or dying. Later on in the poem, the knight tells the readers about his characteristics and how he got it. He also describes the lady he met as a “child” and “wild eyes”. It could symbolize that the lady was magically beautiful. The knight also describes the lady’s song as “faery”, which could also mean that she has a beautiful magical voice. The knight also talks about the lad...
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