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Efficient transportation and logistics are the core foundation to 21st century global supply chains. Airlines and airports, shipping companies, road networks, logistics service providers and other transportation companies all play a vital role in keeping people and products on the move. While developing infrastructure to improve trade across neighboring borders poses as a key element for Africa’s future, connecting the continent to the rest of the world is equally pertinent. Although inaccurate portrayals of rural, local markets often prevent foreign investment dollars from entering Africa, Nigeria is setting there eyes on the horizon—the “Vision 20:2020” Nigeria aims to be among the world’s top 20 economies by 2020(NPC 2009) . At surface level analysis, this vision may seem impractical but observation of many of the current top 20 economies who have suffered credit down ratings during the great recession speak to the contrary. Nonetheless, taken as a whole, Africa is comprised more than a billion people, 54 countries, and a continent bigger than the USA, India, China combined. Infrastructure unquestionably lags well behind that of the rest of the world however, in careful examination of the sub-Saharan region there are significant logistical differences and potential opportunities in which Nigeria is well-positioned to exploit.
Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, many economists and investors see Nigeria as a gateway to the sub-Saharan region(PWC, 2013) . More specifically, compared to bordering countries, Nigeria has relatively advanced infrastructure due to the Nigerian Government advocating for public-private partnerships for several transport projects. Unfortunately, many infrastructure investments and projects have not been man...

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...gistical and transportation means.

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