LGBT and Gender Equality

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LGBT and Gender Equality
Behind every controversial dispute there is a history preceding it. Many arguments, protest, and political disputes take place during any disagreement. Especially if it is nationwide. Around the world in today’s society there is plenty discrimination that goes on. Arguments and disagreements usually are caused by closed minded people who are opinionated. With nationwide problems come several disputes over various subjects. One subject for example would be legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. As of today only 17 states have legalized same sex marriage, and 33 states have banned same sex marriage. (In America 3) In the following paper, gender equality between men and woman, but also in regards to gays and transgender people will be discussed.
Gender equality is a well-known problem in today’s society. Not only today, but also in the past. In the past history, homosexuals were not considered equal and were denied civil rights. History has shown that gay people have always been discriminated against. In religious eyes, homosexuals are performing an act of sin because the bible says to go out and have children and two homosexuals cannot physically reproduce together. (Nguyen, Minh T. 1) With that being said, that proves why there would be religious conflict over same sex marriage. Another issue that was nationally spread would have to be woman’s rights. Just as bad as gays were discriminated, women were discriminated as well. Gender equality is by foremost, a human right. In the past, women were discriminated. For example, women were not allowed to vote until the 1700’s. They were classified as the weaker sex, and were known as just an object. As well as women being called “the sec...

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...y rights should not be any different, more so because a gay married couple is not harming any other couple or their acquaintances. With that being said, individuals apart of LGBT should not only be able to marry in all 50 states, but also be granted with all the civil rights that come with a marriage, and all of the financial benefits regarding a legal marriage. Freedom is not only something that needs to be felt but also something that needs to be recognized publicly. The nation is slowly progressing and changing around us. People categorized in the LGBT group should continue fighting for their rights just as women did in the 1700’s. Surely but slowly, the progress will come around to make a huge impact in our nation as we know it. All men are created equal, therefore, all men should be treated equal and be granted with the same civil rights as any other American.

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