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An essential or a larger focal association for the representation of the LGBT group is not existing, yet various LGBT rights associations are active around the world. The LGBT social movements that are organized today are consisting of a wide range of political activism and cultural activities. These exercises incorporate campaigning, road walks, social gatherings, media, craftsmanship, and research. Also, included, not constrained to, in the social objectives of the LGBT social developments are the tests in the prevailing developments of manliness and gentility. Homophobia and the supremacy of the gendered hetero atomic family or heteronormativity are likewise included in the challenges of the social movements. Of course, these social movements must include political goals. Some of these goals include changing laws and policies so that the LGBT community can gain new rights, benefits, and protections from harm. (Bernstein, 2002) Conflicts in the LGBT social movements may also arise especially about the strategies for change and debates over who involves in the population that these movements represent. (Bull and Gallagher, 1996) There are debates on to what extent does the LGBT Community share common interests and a need to work hand in hand. LGBT social movements have also regularly embraced to a sort of identity politics issues that sees gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender individuals as an altered class of individuals. (Sullivan, 1997) Therefore, they are somehow considered as a minority group or groups. This method aspire to liberal political objectives of freedom and equivalent chance around the individuals. Additionally, there is a plan to join the political standard to level with different groups in the society. A feedb... ... middle of paper ... ...dd, the studies that mentions adoption often fail in distinguishing outcomes between unrelated children and children with biological family. This can now counter the cases of the adversaries of the LGBT child rearing and reception. (Patterson, et. al, 2007) There was a study that had addressed the issue directly. The outcomes of less than three-year old children are evaluated. One child was placed in each one of the 56 LGBT households since infancy. The study found no significant associations between the sexual orientation of the parents and the adjustment of the child. Therefore, the sexual orientation is not related to parenting skill or child adjustment. This result lead to a conclusion that there are positive capabilities on the LGBT people as adoptive parents. (Parenting and Child Development in Adoptive Families: Does Parental Sexual Orientation Matter?, n.d.)

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