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It is necessary to establish an enterprise internal training mechanism and a career development system, because LFA is a social venture who earns profits by services and has a demand for a large number of skilled workers when implementing expanding strategy.
Training mechanism
Enterprise training is a premeditated and systematic training activity which focuses on improving working quality, ability, achievement and contribution (Lee and Pershing, 2000). In other words, the training is a systematic intellectual investment. When a corporation investing manpower and material resources to train employees, there will be an improvement of labour quality, human capital, corporate performance, and invest income for shareholders (Brinkerhoff and Montesino,
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The training system is to enlarge the talent pool of LFA, which is able to create more future economic benefits. However, after training, homeless people enlarge their own knowledge reserve and obtain working skills, which strengthen their social core competencies. If their personal demands cannot be satisfied in LFA, brain drain will occur in the company. Moreover, most of job hopping employees will recruited by competitors, which will negatively influence the development of LFA to a certain extent. Although the social impact of LFA will not be effected in short term because more and more homeless cultivate working skills and obtain jobs, the phenomenon will limit the development of LFA, which will reduce its social impact in long…show more content…
LFA needs to design individual development channel which can present the hope of individual development visually. Thus, the mobility of talents will be reduced and corporate human resources will be stable to a certain extent, which is beneficial to corporate future practice and keep sustainable social impact. On the other hand, an excellent design of career development is able to inspire employ morale to increase productivity, and make the whole organisation work more efficient. Moreover, such a career development is able to improve the relationship between superior and subordinate, promote competition among employees and increase employee loyalty (Jepsen and Dickson,

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