LEGO Case Study

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LEGO company had some crisis during 1992 until 2004 which led to the downfall of the company. Since 1992, LEGO’s profits had turned down and unfortunately in 1998, it posted its first ever loss which was at £23 million. Moreover, 1000 employees of the company were laid off in the exact same year of their loss. The first LEGO products featuring licensed characters which were not designed in-house were LEGO Star Wars and Winnie The Pooh. They were created in 1999. While in 2000, LEGO Harry Potter characters to figures from other Steven Spielberg movies were created. The head of the LEGO Concept Lab, Soren Holm said, “Even though toy weapons had always been hotly debated, but since the company released the LEGO Star Wars, LEGO has been…show more content…
LEGO are actually a really good method that can be use by parents for their children. In facts, observational studies proves that children that spends more time with blocks or LEGO will scores high marks in spatial ability tests (Jirout and Newcombe 2015; Levine et al 2012). Next, LEGOs are a good introduction to communicating ideas with physical objects. When children play with LEGOs, they are putting things together and they taking them apart again. Therefore, it will make children interested in how thing actually work in real life. There also few skills that can be found through these LEGO games where the first skills are, it teaches children to think in 3 dimensions as the LEGO are all in 3 dimensions. The second skills that can be found is, it improves creativity for children as they build something and makes something new by combining all the LEGOs together. And as a result, they also have create a new model or buildings by themselves. The third skill is, LEGO develops problem-solving, organization and planning by construction. In one experiment, few researchers showed few pre schoolers two types of materials which are, puzzle pieces and block and LEGOs and they were given time to play with it and use their ability to solve it. The result shows that, children who play with blocks and LEGO scored better in solving problems and they also show creativity in solving the problems. So this shows that LEGO gives a very excellent impact to children in terms of develop creativity and critical thinking (Dewar, 2015). Many people thought that LEGO is limited to children only and apparently they thought wrong. LEGO is not only for children, but they also bring benefits to the adolescents. As for the adults, they can use the LEGO for decorations in their houses. Other than creating toys, LEGO company has created varieties of goodness for house decorations. Some of us might be

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