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Its the third leading cause of death in college students, it's also the second leading cause of death amongst teenagers, More teenagers and young adults die from than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined, It is suicide. After reading Things Fall Apart and Antigone it became apparent on how just important suicide played in the plot of each of these stories, and how hopelessness was a factor in the suicides of characters such as Okonkwo from Things Fall Apart , Haemon, and queen Eurydice from Antigone. I chose the topic of hopelessness and how that plays into suicide, because of not only my personal experiences but because of just how obvious the effect hopelessness had on the characters. In the Greek tragedy Antigone and the novel Things Fall Apart it is evident that the one major similarity suicide victims have in common is that they gave up hope in themselves and lost sight of what life is really about.
In the novel Things Fall Apart, suicide plays a major role in the outcome of the story. Everything that the main character, Okonkwo, once knew had changed drastically resulting in his suicide. He was a well renowned warrior and was one of the many chiefs in his clan, he had land, 3 wives, and upwards of 25 children between them. But, all the changes started when a white missionary visited his village. After the white man shows up everything goes south for Okonkwo and his family, Okonkwo accidentally kills a man and is banished for 7 years and he lost everything including his land and his title. Okonkwo is devastated by the loss of his social status and is struck by grief. Achebe wrote, “ Work no longer had for him [Okonkwo] the same pleas...

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...s display the topic of suicide but also because Haemon, Queen Eurydice, and Okonkwo all lost something that was precious to them. Okonkwo watched as his village was taken over by the white man and he was helpless to stop it. he tried to rally his fellow tribesmen and attack the christian but his plan failed almost immediately. In the end Okonkwo watched his culture and his beliefs disappear and be replaced by the white man's own beliefs and okonkwo couldn't handle it so he took his life. In Antigone Haemon stumbled upon his fiance’s, Antigone, lifeless body hanging from the ceiling of her tomb and his loss of his love sparked his desire to end his life. Once Harmon's mother, Queen Eurydice, received word of the loss of her son she immediately became grief stricken and cursed Creon with her dying breath saying that he was the cause of all the pain and suffering.

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