LAN networking

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If you want to add additional computers to your network in the future, all you need are more Network Interface Cards and 10BaseT cables. Simply plug the new network cards(s) into your computer an run a cable form the card to one of the hub’s open ports.

For even greater expandability, the hub can be joined, or uplinked, to other hubs. If you look closely at the front of the hub, you will see a port marked Uplink. To uplink a hub, simply insert a standard, straight-through 10BaseT cable between the Workgroup Hub’s Uplink port and any of another hub’s regular 10BaseT ports. A maximum of three hubs can be connected together.

For example, like most hubs, a 5-Port Hub’s port number 5 and Uplink port are joined internally. This means that when port 5 is in use, the uplink port cannot be used, and vice-versa. If you plan on using the uplink port, you’ll need to disconnect any cables that are connected to port 5.

Setting up your network card’s software involves installing a network driver onto your computer. The driver will allow the card to communicate with your Network Operating System (NOS). Software package. Some of these NOS include Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Novell. All the network cards that you buy should come with a 3.5” software disk where it includes drivers for different NOS. They should also have instructions on how to install them, but this hand out will help you understand and teach you how to install drivers.

After installing your network card hardware in your computer, follow the instructions below to install the card’s software.

1. Install the network card hardware if you haven’t already

2. Start up your computer and Windows 95/98.

3. Windows 95/98 will automatically detect the presence of your network card hardware in your computer.

If Windows 95/98 goes immediately to the windows desktop, and does not display a new hardware detected message. Go to my computer > control panel > system > device manager tab > select the network adapter and remove it from the list > restart computer and you should get a windows asking for drivers.

Important: When you reboot Windows 95/98 may ask you for the Operating System CD ROM. Please provide them as necessary.

4. Windows 95/98 will detect your network card and display a ”New Hardware Found” window as shown bellow

5. Put your 3.5” in drive A with the network card drivers that came with the it.
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