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Kwame Nkruma and His Role in the Independence of Ghana
Kwame Nkruma was a very complicated person. In his life, he did both good and bad. He loved his country and loved to help others. He worked hard to help his country and people gain independence. Nkruma went through good and bad times, but stayed strong. He tried to the best of his ability to help his country in both short time, and in the long run. He made a few mistakes, but pulled through. Although in the end, he was not appreciated, people later realized how much he truly did for his country.
Ghana was first known as the Gold Coast. It was the world’s largest supplier of cocoa, and it was also known for its diamond oil and gold. Nkruma had a fairly normal childhood. He was born on the Gold coast, present day Ghana, to his two parents. His father was a goldsmith and his mother was a retail trader. He was baptized a Roman Catholic and went to a nearby Roman Catholic elementary school for nine years. After he graduated from Achimota College in 1930, he became a teacher at Roman Catholic junior schools in Elmina, Axim, and at a seminar. This was how his life went in Ghana.
After a while, when he realized he was leaning towards politics, he decided to move to the United States. He attended Lincoln College in Pennsylvania in 1935. After graduating in 1939, he got a masters degree from Lincoln College and the University of Pennsylvania. He studied the literature of nationalism, mostly by Marcus Gravey, and studied socialism, especially by Carl Marx and Vladimir I. Lenin. He soon referred to himself as a “nondenominational Christian and a Marxist socialist”. He soon became president of the African students’ organization of the United States and Canada. He eventually left th...

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...en going down. On one particular trip to Beijing, he was overthrown by a coup d’état.
Ghana is different today than it was. Ghana is now a successful country. It is a unitary presidential constitution republic with a parliament-multi-party system. Ghana favors international and regional politics. It is also an active member of the African union. Ghana has many industrial minerals and other vast arrays of natural resources. Ghana is also a very large supplier of oil. Ghana is a multiethnic country. Ghana is a very traditional country. They have strong beliefs and stick to their traditions. Although Ghana had good and bad times, Kwame Nkruma played a role in both. Without his Ghana would not be how it is today, good or bad. Kwame Nkruma may not have done the best for Ghana, but he did make a difference, he won their freedom. And you can never put a price on freedom.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes kwame nkruma as a complicated person who loved his country and loved to help others. he went through good and bad times, but stayed strong.
  • Explains that nkruma was born on the gold coast, present-day ghana, to his two parents. he was baptized a roman catholic and went to achimota college for nine years.
  • Describes how he decided to move to the united states and studied nationalism and socialism. he organized the 5th pan-african congress in manchester.
  • Explains that nkruma was determined to change the gold coast, which was known for its plantations and cocoa producers. after india's independence, he wrote his first book towards colonial freedom.
  • Explains how nkruma declared ghana a republic in 1960, expanded ghana into mali in 1961, and published his second book "neocolonialism" in 1965.
  • Explains that cocoa export decreased as debt grew, and food prices in some parts of ghana doubled, while others tripled. nkruma was forced to hide out and not attend many social meetings.
  • Analyzes how he lost control of the people and became hated immensely. he tried to mend things with outside countries, get financial support from surrounding countries and helped increase trade and the economy which had been going down.
  • Explains that ghana is a successful, multi-ethnic country with strong beliefs and traditions. kwame nkruma won ghana's freedom.
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