Kurt Vonnegut Legacy

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143 words

Kurt Vonnegut was an American writer born in 1922. Throughout his career he was primarily known as a satirical writer and often delved into elements of fantasy and science fiction. In the 1950s Vonnegut began his career publishing short stories and soon began his prolific career by publishing his first novel Player Piano (1952). As his career progressed Vonnegut explored other areas outside science fiction which resulted in his work, Cat’s Cradle (1963) and Slaughterhouse-Five; or The Chldren’s Crusade (1969). His later work moved even further away from technology and served as commentary on American social values and society. This resulted in his novel Breakfast of Champion; or Goodbye Blue Monday! (1973). Vonnegut’s legacy was cemented as

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  • Explains that kurt vonnegut was an american writer born in 1922. he was a satirical writer and delved into elements of fantasy and science fiction.
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