Kura's boredom

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Kura let out a sigh as he sat down on the couch out of boredom. His flat mate Marik was playing his favourite game on the computer. Suddenly Marik cursed loudly, as his character walked into a Door that decided to slam shut on him. "GAH friggin door friggin slammed on me!" Just then Kura got an idea; he would tease the Egyptian blond to see how he would react. "I would like you to slam me very hard Marik" He grinned, so it would be more convincing. "Bakura shut the frigg up, wait what?!" The blond turned from his game to look at the silver/White haired male. Oh, nothing Marik, I just said I would like you to 'slam' me very hard" The look on Marik's face said it all, it was priceless. "K-Kura s-stop screwing around with me!" Marik Stuttered, as he started getting alluring mental images. Smirking at his victory, Kura raised a brow. "Oh no Marik, I am serious" He purred, now actually being serious. "Come on Marik I know you want to" Kura teased wanting to break Marik's control over himself. The blond swallowed before forcing himself to look away, a red tinge spreading across his cheeks. "I'm not friggin Gay Kura" "Marik you are as straight as a bloody spoon" Marik being a very stubborn blond didn't want to admit it. Marik always found himself staring at Kura's ass when he wasn't looking, but he didn't want to tell kura how he felt. He also secretly jerked off to theifshipping yaoi, when Kura was out, to get himself off without Kura knowing. Never was Marik going to admit he was gay, he had his pride. "I AM NOT FRIGIN GAY!" He yelled, before calming himself slightly. "Even if I was, I wouldn't admit it" He huffed, going back to his game. Unknowing to the blond Egyptian he had Just admitted it. "Marik you just did"... ... middle of paper ... ...ach other mouth. It wasn't long before Kura felt his own release nearing, and near screamed his release. "AH FUCK MARIK" He came hard exploding his cum all over their chests and Abdomens. Feeling Kura constrict around him, drove Marik spiraling over the edge with a loud cry, filling Kura to the brim. Panting and sweating he rolled off Kura to relax in the aftermath. It was then that Kura decided to break the silence. "Well, still think you're not Gay Marik?" said blond turned and glared at Kura. "How many friggin times do I have to say it, I AM NOT FRIGGIN GAY!" Smirking, Kura knew that Marik would continue to deny the truth no matter how many times he tried to prove it. He decided that he would just accept what was close enough to admittance, as he was going to get. After all, having sex with Marik was the truth in itself. At least he was no longer bored.

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