Kudler Fine Foods Case Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods is company that provides customers with a one-stop shop for gourmet foods. There are three locations located throughout the San Diego area. Kudler needs to keep their employees in high spirits and customers happy to remain competitive by continuously updating their technology and using the correct organizational strategy to help them to remain successful. This paper will assess how changes in technology have created business opportunities for Kudler and observe the generic strategy that Kudler is pursuing. This paper will also examine the tactics that Kudler will use to implement the strategy and how Kudler's management will continue to scan the fine foods industry to maintain the competitive advantage.

Changes in Technology

Kudler Fine Foods realizes that they have to keep updating their technology to remain successful in the gourmet foods industry. Kudler needs to modernize the internet website that is available for its customers. The current website gives a brief description of the company, the locations of the three stores, the hours of operation, and a description of the products that Kudler offers. Kudler Fine Foods can monitor the activities of its competitors to increase its competitive intelligence.

Kudler can observe the website for Dean and Deluca at for ideas on updating their website. Dean and Deluca's website offers a list of the products offered along with prices and gives the customers the ability to order them from the website. Dean and Deluca also provide customers with the opportunity to order catering services online and let customers track the status of their orders. An important detail that Dean and Deluca give customers is the ability to sign into the website under their own user name and password when ordering merchandise. Kudler will be able to attract more consumers and expand their business by including some of these ideas on the website.

'Consumers want more and more control. They want to be treated as individuals, not as consumers. They want more and better information to guide their decisions.' (Sakkab, 2007, pg. 62) Kudler can use their website to advertise their products and attract customers from abroad. Consumers enjoy the fact that they can purchase products on the internet in the privacy of their own home. They also appreciate websites that are secure and protect them from identity theft.

Kudler must be aware of updating their technology but they must not forget about their main purpose.
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