Ku Klux Klan

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Ku Klux Klan

A secret terrorist organization that originated in the southern states during the period of
Reconstruction following the American Civil War and was reactivated in the 20th century. The
Ku Klux Klan believed in the innate inferiorityof black so therefore mistrusted adn resented the rise of former slaves to a status of civil equality and often to positions of political power. The lan became an illegal organization committed to destroying the Reconstruction governments from the Carolinas to Arkansas. Attired in robes or sheets and wearing masks topped with pointed hoods, the Klansmen terrorized public officials in effort to drive them from office and blacks in general to prevent them from voting, holding office, and otherwise exercising their newly acquird political rights. It was customary for them to burn crosses on hillsides and near the homes of who they wished to frighten. When such tactics failed to produce the affect they wanted, the victim would be flogged, mutilated, or murdered. These activities were justified by the klan as necessary measures in defense of white supremacy and the inviolability of white womanhood A secret convention of Klansmen, held in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1867, adopted a declaration of principles expressing loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and its government and declaring the determination of the Klan to "protect the weak, the innocent and the defenseless...: to relieve the injured and oppressed: and to succur suffering..." The convention designated the
Klan as an invisible Empire and provided for a supreme official, called Grand Wizard of the
Empire, who wielded virtually autocratic power and who was assisted by ten Genii.
From 1868 to 1870, while federal occupation troops were being withdrawn from the southern staes and radical regimes replaced with the Democratic administrations, the Klan was increasingly dominated by the rougher elements in the poulation. The local organizations, called
Klaverns, became so uncontrollable abd violent the Grand Wizard, former Confederate general
Nathan B. Forrest, officially dibanded the Klan in 1869. Klaverns continued to operate on their own. In 1871, Congress passed the Force Bill to Implement the 14th Amendment to the U.S.

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... included the horror of WWII, the bloodiest and most destructive conflict in human history, from which Germany emerged beaten, divided, and impoverished.
Also included in that cost is the price paid in suffering endured by the German people under
Hitler and after his death.The most tragic aspect was of the National Socialist reignwas the systematic murder of approximately 6 million European Jews. ter the war a small neo-Nazi movement continued to exist in West Germany. Neo-Nazi gained some poularity after the reunification of Germany in 1990. The movement is largley composed of discontented oung males who target Jews,Black,Homosexuals, and members of other minority groups withcts of violence. Neo-Nazi groups have also sprung up in other countries, including the United States.

he two groups were the same in many ways. The Ku Klux Klan thought they were inferior to pretty much everyone else that wasn't in that group, same as the Nazis. They both hated the same people except in this it didn't say anything about the Nazis disliking blacks. They both wore uniforms, not the same kind but just so you could tell that they were in that group.

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