Kroc: Movie Review: Film Analysis Of Mcdonalds And Mcdonalds

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The movie is among the rare films that provides insight to the young and upcoming entrepreneurs. It tells the story of the way McDonald’s grew from a drive-in restaurant to an international fast-food powerhouse (Auerbach, 2017). Kroc is perceived as legendary within the business of foodservice. The energy, passion and determination he has fueled the competitive spirit and has inspired many brands that exist today. Consumers today may fail to understand the significance of fast food and its historical perspective. He redefined the convenience term by expanding and invested in a business that remains outstanding. This story is told in The Founder which represents the American dreamers witnessed by an aggressive and ambitious salesman who risks everything in order to invest. By selecting hard working franchisees and learning from few smart individual along the way, he ably navigated bottlenecks that were in the way of him becoming successful. The depiction of Kroc by Keaton provides the audience with a taste of the…show more content…
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