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1248 words

Kristine was born on December 13th, 1963. She was born in Aurora Illinois. Her parents were David Peter Leuer and Carol Margaret Thomas. Her parents were very supportive especially her dad David Her dad would would go out of his way to go and watch her basketball games. When he would be combining he would shut his combine off, take a quick shower, go to her game and come back and combine through the night. He was willing to turn off his combine and risking his limited time to get his crops harvested. He was determined to go to her games. He never missed one game. He would also drive 2 hours to go to her game and drive back. He only did this to his first two children; Tony and Kris. She was the first of six children; Anthony (17 months younger), …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how kristine leuer and her parents were supportive of their daughter, who was a farming family.
  • Narrates how she was involved in 4-h, and was part of the student council. she played basketball from 7th to 12th grade.
  • Narrates how the family moved their farm from sugar grove illinois to austin minnesota because the land was cheaper in minnesota and they would make more money farming there.
  • Describes the popular 80s music comma starsky and hutch show, elf cabbage patch kids, and video games. elvis presley died and nixon was impeached.
  • Narrates how the first two years of college she went to community college in austin which she had to pay for. after the 2 years she finally had enough money to go to umd (university of minnesota duluth).
  • Narrates how the couple built their first house in prior lake, minnesota, in 2002. they moved because they had been robbed, had a shooting range, and had 4 kids that ran around in the backyard.

They had it there a bunch of family and friends to help them Caravan all their equipment and semis trucks and other vehicles Along with their six kids. the drive was about 8 hours but should have been 7. It was 8 hours because they had to drive so slow with all of the equipment. moving was a big decision and very scary for the whole family. the reason they moved was because her dad wanted to farm on his own instead of farming with his dad and brother (Peter Leuer and Edward Leuer). The land was cheaper in Minnesota and they would make more money Farming there. Once they arrived in Austin Minnesota she attended Queen of Angels Middle School. after Middle School she attended Austin pacelli High School. for her Elementary years she went to kaneville Illinois Elementary. she got her first job as a junior in high school working at party O'Connor mechanical. she worked with the owner's wife with the building of the company. the company was a plumbing, heating and cooling company she worked there until her second year in her Community College. At the time she was paid $5 an hour. with the money she earned she decided to buy a new car with the help of her brother Tony. she bought a Chevrolet Malibu but the only thing is, she bought it without telling your dad. she got it because she thought it was a beautiful car. It was a pee green with a white vinyl

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