Kristi Dosh's Six Life Skills I Learned From Sports

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What happens to a school when its athletics are expelled? Many people would assume nothing significant would happen, but they would be wrong. Schools would lose a major source of monetary support from local businesses, and the school’s student body would diminish greatly. According to school administrator, John Roberts, students will lose motivation to come to school, or transfer to schools that have sports to properly motivate them (42-43). High school athletics are beneficial to the students that choose to participate in them. High schools should continue funding athletics because athletes are required to maintain a certain GPA, leading to better grades and athletic scholarships, and athletes learn important life skills that help them later…show more content…
In the article, “Six Life Skills I Learned from Sports”, Kristi Dosh explains what life skills she gleaned from her sports participation. She states the obvious teamwork and sportsmanship skills that help in life with learning everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing when to accept defeat, and how to work competently as a team. All students use this life skill in school, and later in their work environment, to get work done in groups. Time management is another important life skill that athletes learn; students use this skill in life by knowing how to balance out their schedules and not overwork or underwork themselves. Responsibility is another life skill that teaches students how to make smart decisions and how to live with the consequences of a bad decision. Responsibility also teaches students how to keep up with their work and…show more content…
Along with the health benefits, athletics teach many important life skills. Time management, responsibility, and teamwork skills are the first among many that student athletes will learn. High school athletics also give disadvantaged students the opportunity to receive a higher education, and thus a better job, because of athletic scholarships. Even if the scholarships don’t cover all the costs of college, they will be able to cover a large portion of it. Students who participate in sports also achieve better GPAs that they wouldn’t have been able to achieve before because of high school athletics requirement of certain GPAs to be able to stay on the team. With all of these reasons to keep funding athletics, why would people want to stop funding

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