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. Kratos was a incredibly cruel and destructive god. he would destroy anything in his way, it didn’t seem to matter women or child or even people weaker than him. He use to be very respectful to the gods he even called them ‘’LORDS’’ ,but that all changed after GOD OF WAR lll he lost all sence of respect for the gods. . Kratos attacked a temple of Athena , despite being warned from the god ares.He unintentionally killed his wife and child in the raid. Kratos had discovered that ares had orchestrated the raid. After he had left the burning temple ,ares had put a spell on Kratos to forever affix the ashes of his family to his skin. . Kratos had a goal to get revenge on the God ares. His vengeance later extended to the god Zeus for trying to kill him and Rhodes. Then Kratos decided to get revenge on all the Olympian gods. Kratos was unable to cope out his misdeeds, so he even had considered suicide on two different occasions. In the. Nightmares started to consume him.he had abandoned Sparta, Kratos traveled through Greece and found small solace in sailing the Aegean sea. He wanted to find peace again,he also had pledged himself to the Gods of Olympus hoping to get rid of the burden. . Ares then sent the furies to capture and force Kratos to serve the god of war, for him braking his oath to ares. Kratos was trapped in a illusion of his house in Sparta, but the fu... ... middle of paper ... ...this time its of Kratos home.Kratos nearly falls for it because he gets to see his wife and daughter,but he realizes it’s a illusion when he is about to go to bed with his wife he notices her ring on her finger and he realizes hes in a illusion.Lysandra is revealed to be Alecto. She tried to convince him that he could live in a illusion if he rejoined Ares. He refused so then the Furies tried to execute him if he would not serve.However Kratos attacked the remaining Furies,but they made a illusion of a whirlpool,with Alecto transforming into a sea monster. . Using the eyes Kratos broke thought the illusions forcing Alecto back into her human form. As he advanced to the fury queen, Tisiphone dispatched daimon against him but kratos simply killed the Furies.(ms.walker would continue but im missing the last page)
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