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The Korean wave refers to the phenomenon of Korean history, Korean entertainment, popular culture. Korean wave also known as “Hallyu” in Korean. This term is now widely used to refer to the popularity of Korean across asia and other parts of the world. Hallyu was first founded by Chinese press in the late 1990s. It was used to describe the growing popularity of Korean pop culture in China. Korean pop culture usually made up by several parts like, Korean pop music, Korean drama and Korean movie rolling over the world.
Hallyu was first appeared during the mid 1990s after Korea entered into foreign affair with China in1992. Korean dramas and pop music caught a great popularity in Chinese speaking communities. The first successful Korean drama,
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From the 1980s, Hong Kong, Europe and Japanese culture has been the rage in China. Recently, the Korean culture gradually replaced the Hong Kong, Europe and Japanese culture. It became China’s most popular foreign culture, therefore the new term “Hallyu” was produced. Hallyu phenomenon also caused the height of the Korean government’s attention. Under Hallyu’s effect, Korean government extensive more cultural goods to enter China market and this motion increased cultural spread pace. In fact, exports of Korean movies, drama, TV shows, music and others increased year after year. It has become the main “road” of the Korean cultural…show more content…
In 1997, after Korean’s economic crisis, in order to find a new economic growth point, they were starting focus on Hallyu, which was popular around the world. By different ways, government support the IT and the entertainment industry, those became the main force to push Hallyu’s development. In 2000, Korean’s SK group began to support more than 50 young Asian elite scholars to hold the Exhibition of academic research, which was committed to build a Asian academic community and it will influence the world by Korean culture. Korean scholars joined the ranks of the spread of the Hallyu. There were lots of Korean wave research center in Korean University, and they invited experts from different country to discuss about the Korean wave. On September 20th,2012, University of Seoul SSK Korean research group invited scholars from China, Taiwan, and Japan to Seoul and they worked with KBS representatives to discusses about the future develop of Korean

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