Kona Airport: A Potential Gateway to Success

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For Kona to gain success in future, its residents must embrace the changes it faces. One of these changes is the expansion of the Kona Airport. It is a “diamond in the rough” whose doors originally opened on July 1, 1970 operating with only a 6,500 ft. strip (“Airport History”). On its first year anniversary, it had successfully serviced over 515,000 passengers. The original style was that of “open air” fun and tropical island scenery. While these are significant memories of the Kona Airport, the changing times will bring great possibilities and growth for the future of the island. In essence, the Kona Airport expansion could potentially usher Kona into a future of unlimited success. Not only in helping our local community while gaining international ties, but also taking tourism in Hawaii into the next level. ( Plan of development is underlined.)
When people think of Kona, they picture the palm trees swaying and stretching out on endless sandy beaches. They envision a lovely vacation in the sun and the chance to explore the beautiful island. For people that live here, that is not always the case. Along with the strengths of the island, we must accept its shortcomings. Many people are in need of jobs and the security they bring. The expansion will bring not only generate employment, but also give people a “peace of mind” that it is beneficial to its residents.
It would bring changes to some people’s quality of living. With the rising number of families in need of state support, the funds will not last forever. With the exception of few, many residents barely get by on paying bills. For some, they live a truly penury existence. In these circumstances, Kona must be innovative for future sustainability of the island. To be realist...

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