Komisarjevsky Research Paper

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The Sentence
By:Gilary Ramirez

There is no arguing that my client, Joshua Komisarjevsky, deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law for his role in the crimes committed against the Hawke-Petit family. However I stand before you here today to argue that Joshua Komisarjevsky deserves the life in prison sentence instead of the death penalty. What happened in the Hawke-Petit family home is not something any well adjusted individual could have willingly been a part of. But it should not come as a surprise to any of you that Joshua Komisarjevsky is not of a sound mind, considering his history. There is no question that Joshua Komisarjevsky is a criminal, just as there is no question that his past is directly responsible for that.
My client was adopted by the Komisarjevsky family as a baby. When he was three years old, the family took in two foster children, a girl and a boy named Scott, who proceeded to sexually abuse Joshua horrifically. Many
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Joshua Komisarjevsky was very much in a lower socioeconomic class, and as Relative Deprivation Theory states, crime occurs when the wealthy and the poor live in close proximity, and Connecticut is one of the top five wealthiest states in America. Joshua had many people to envy, especially when one considers the Theory of Delinquent subculture, which states that lower income males are frustrated by their inability to achieve middle class success, which then leads them to a life of crime. There is also another subtheory called the General Strain theory that states that strain causes crime in the absence of coping mechanisms, which Joshua had never been provided to begin with. There were clearly many factors that influenced Joshua into becoming a career criminal, the majority of them out of his control. Thus Joshua does not deserve to pay for his crimes with his
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